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Rolling is the processing of reducing the cross section or thickness between rolls and the purpose of the rolling is to provide equal and excellent quality by destroying casting structure along with molding and compressing air bubble in the material.

This rolling of metal material is divided into hot rolling which is conducted in the above the recrystallization temperature of metal and cold rolling which is conducted in the below recrystallization temperature.

In case of hot rolling, when processed, a huge amount of water is used for roll cooling, but recently lubricant is provided to prevent the wear of the roll.

In case of cold rolling, that are used for the purpose of lubrication and cooling between rolls and rolling material.

These rolling is vary according to the material, rolling condition, the work efficiency and product quality of each rolling which greatly depend on whether suitable rolling oil is used.

Especially, these days, high quality of rolling oil is widely required by the improvement of rolling oil technology, and high quality of the product and the change of the rolling oil processing.