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Vege AQUA, Baby AQUA, Kitchen AQUA

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  • MaterialCleaners
  • Size70 * 250 * 70 mm
  • Weight475 mg

[Kwangwoo Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

VegeAQUA is a new concept environment-friendly fruit and vegetable wash refined with state-of-the-art technology and is free of the ingredients of the existing chemical cleaners.


1) Main Ingredients
● Negative ion water (99.7%)  ,   ● Mineral (0.3%)

2) Purpose of Use
● Cleaning harmful residual agricultural chemicals and foreign substance.
● Sterilizing causative organisms of food poisoning and vibrio vulnifucus sepsis.


3) Features of VegeAQUA
● Strong cleaning and sterilizing effect     ● Semi-permanent endurance of cleaning and sterilizing power
● Harmless to humans due to no chemicals such as surfactants having been added.
● No skin irritation                                  ● Colorless, Foamless, Odorless


Baby AQUA is environment-friendly sterilizing and cleaning wash for baby goods
developed to protect babies with weak immune systems from various harmful bacteria. 


 1) Purpose of Use
● Sterilizing and cleaning baby furniture and toys

● Sterilizing and cleaning baby dishes                 ● Cleaning baby clothes

2) Features of Baby AQUA
● It uses anion water as main material, so it is safe for babies with weak immune systems.
● It can be used conveniently anytime, anywhere.
● Strong sterilizing and cleaning are possible by the action of anion and electrons.

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Vege AQUA- Baby AQUA- Kitchen AQUA

Vege AQUA- Baby AQUA- Kitchen AQUA